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Center Slatinské Lazy
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Stredisko Slatinské Lazy

Transport and disposal of liquid wastes, handling of solid wastes

Main focus of Slatinské Lazy facility is valorisation and disposal of liquid waste. Eko-Salmo Ltd. runs a sewerage plant - Hydrovit 500 S - near the village of Slatinské Lazy. The sewerage plant is best suited for disposal of waste water, disposal of contents of fat interceptors, waste from septic tanks and cesspools. Hydrovit 500 S is a highly effective mechanico-biological plant; its maximum capacity is 900 m3 per day, that is 10,87 l/s.

We offer complex services, including transport of liquid waste in tank trucks.

This facility also handles solid waste such as waste packaging, chemicals, oil filters etc. We offer collection, transport and disposal of aforementioned wastes.

Documents, approvals, certificates:

Certificate of Professional Competence Certificate of Professional Competence
Approval for waste Approval for waste and trasportation
Approval of transportation Authorisation to collect oil
Regional agreement on transport Regional agreement on transport
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Detva SSLA zhromažďovanie
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