Eko-Salmo s.r.o.

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Eko-Salmo s.r.o.
Residence Company Eko-Salmo s.r.o.
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Eko-Salmo s.r.o.

Eko-Salmo Ltd.

is the owner of facilities that specialise in:
  • waste management
  • collection and handling - transport - disposal - valorisation
  • disposal of hazardous waste using methods of solidification and stabilisation
  • waste water purification
  • chemical and physical disposal of oil-stained water, waste liquids, including cyanides, acidic, basic and alkaline solutions, concentrates created through galvnisation
  • collection of secondary waste - plastic and paper
  • biological degradation of toxic substances in soils
  • consulting, advisory, assesment and engineering activities in environmental field
Eko-Salmo Ltd. performs, alongside wastes disposal, also consulting and advisory activities, including drawing up of documents related to legislative acts currently in force in waste management industry such as: emergency plan, waste management programmes etc.